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Some People Call Me a Space Cowboy

The Angry Left
5 September 1985
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  • what_the_jack@livejournal.com
what_the_jack was, until recently, known as jackichijouji. Just for the record.

I suppose if you've found me then you've come here from SugarQuill or FF.Net. Or possibly Metaquotes or Fanficrants or hell, I don't know. Why are you here?

I had this big long thing written up where I explained my views on various social and political issues with the intent of putting it in my profile.

It sucked. I deleted it. Instead, you'll get the Cliff's Notes:

-I like gays. They shouldn't get the shaft just because they... enjoy getting the shaft. Gay marriage for all. Except, you know, straight people.
-I like lesbians. They shouldn't get the shaft either. Let them get married too. Besides, having lesbians around makes me feel good about myself. They like women, I like women. It's like I'm part of a Boobie Fan Club.
-I like women. They should totally get the same rights for the same work and stuff.
-I have a giant crush on Angelina Jolie. This isn't political, but it needs to be said.
-I have absolutely no opinion on abortion. I have no vagina, and thus will never be in a position to need one, and thus I feel that I have no right to make any sort of decision on the issue.
-Ooh, got a little heavy on that last thing.
-This one time, I saw a chipmunk, and it ran right over my foot. And I thought, "Huh, that little guy could use a fedora."
-Or a Hawaiian shirt.
-I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt at the time, actually.

All right, enough politics. If you care enough to do the research, I have a political community over at the_angry_left.